Pursuing Immortality Without a Net

The two basic ways to achieve some measure of immortality is first, to literally survive death, and second, to establish an enduring legacy.  They both have problems.  There is no way to be certain that either can be achieved.  You can't be certain that there will be an afterlife, and you can't be certain that … Continue reading Pursuing Immortality Without a Net

Lasting Passion Serves Ambition, and Happiness Requires Greatness

Is there passion without ambition?  Let us think of passion, at the most extreme sense, as the condition of being fully immersed in a single idea, and fully directed in one's powers and capacities toward serving that idea, likely at the expense of many things that also seem good or even necessary.  Such passion can … Continue reading Lasting Passion Serves Ambition, and Happiness Requires Greatness

On Brave New World (just a few words)

Well I've just gotten through my second book of the summer, Brave New World by Aldous Huxley.  I actually don't think it is very good.  It fills a need for a dystopian novel involving total government control over births, and a forced culture of drugs and promiscuous sex, helping us feel the discomfort of such … Continue reading On Brave New World (just a few words)

Socialism in the American Military

Around the time of the 2008 presidential election between John McCain and Barrack Obama I was ordered by the Department of Defense to report to Fort Benning Georgia as part of my in-processing back into the military.  I had been on the "inactive ready reserve," or "IRR," a rather unpleasant status which meant that I … Continue reading Socialism in the American Military