Is Friendship Good? The Problem Facing College Fraternities

Joining a fraternity in college can be a great opportunity, but an opportunity for what? Opinions vary wildly about this, and for good reason.  Just think about what a fraternity essentially is: a self-confident group of recent high school graduates, united by their youth, humor, and let's say common appetites.  The risks are obvious, and even thought of their … Continue reading Is Friendship Good? The Problem Facing College Fraternities

2 Types of Immortality

What does it mean to desire immortality? In my dissertation on this topic 2 different types of immortality emerge, each of which can be desired: (1) literally living forever, and (2) living on symbolically, for example in the memories of the living. Religions like Christianity promise the first kind of immortality, being personally saved and restored in … Continue reading 2 Types of Immortality

Hillary’s Answer to the “Why?” Question

Presidential candidates all have to provide a clear and concise explanation as to why they want to be president.  Faltering on this question can ruin an entire candidacy before it even begins (e.g. Teddy Kennedy).  Hillary Clinton's answer, as it was portrayed in her candidacy announcement yesterday, is an interesting one.  She claims that, "Everyday Americans need a … Continue reading Hillary’s Answer to the “Why?” Question

My Mother, My Immortality

The desire for immortality wasn't the most obvious topic for my political theory dissertation, particularly one aimed at helping us understand our political situation today (the issue has been considered by most scholars as a dead one for hundreds of years).  On the other hand, we all agree that new solutions are needed to overcome … Continue reading My Mother, My Immortality

There Will Be Blood (and Politics)

There Will Be Blood (2007) is by far, my absolute favorite movie.  Of course it has many virtues as far as films go, despite winning far too few Oscars in my non-expert opinion (only 2, including Best Actor Daniel Day-Lewis).  Yet what draws me in above all else is its central storyline, the clash of two men's monumental ambitions -- … Continue reading There Will Be Blood (and Politics)

Political Theory vs. Political Science?

For my doctoral dissertation, I am attempting to mix political theory with empirical hypothesis testing.  I do this by first outlining 3 different theories, or 3 different accounts of how the desire for immortality is related to healthy political attitudes.  Of course, I have to explain in my project what exactly I mean by "the … Continue reading Political Theory vs. Political Science?