Thoughts on the Drug Epidemic

This is a post for the Love and Family section of this blog, as well as Politics in the News.  In light of the drug epidemic our country is facing, it seems worth while to work through our thoughts on possible ways forward in order to better evaluate our country’s political dialogue and policy responses.  Fair warning, the following is a bit on the metaphorical side.

We all need a guardian angel on this earth.  A living one, that you can see and hear.  One that guards us primarily by loving us, but ensuring in us a sense of being fully loved and accepted.  A friend, a family member, a respected role model.  We all need that person.  Many of us have that person, and we don’t even notice it.  We don’t realize what would happen if our relationship with that person were to begin unraveling.  The pain of a failed relationship with your earthly guardian angel is too much to bear.  So many of us seek ways of escaping that constant, throbbing pain deep in our souls.  We need to be absorbed in something, whether it be passion, drama, argument, or other mental alteration via excessive entertainment, sleep deprivation, drug and/or alcohol use.

Why does the relationship with our guardian angel fall apart?  Being human, they have problems of their own, in terms of their relationship with their own guardian angel.  Sometimes it is a pairing, the both of you being the guardian angel for each other.  Siblings are probably most likely to have this.  Sometimes it is more like a chain, with you needing that person, and that person needing another person.  These attachments of the heart form organically — there is no other rhyme or reason to them other than heavy exposure and being alike in some vital way.

Because our guardian angels are equally human, equally fragile and vulnerable, they often are coping with their own pain and decline to give us the love we seek.  They can show hatred toward us, and forcefully push us away.  And we can blind ourselves to the pain this causes ourselves.  The pulsing pain in our souls becomes a creation without a creator, thought of as inherent in our own being, inherent to this world and this life.  But it’s not.  It’s cause is the love we need from our guardian angel being withheld.

Is there an alternative to the unhealthy ways of coping with this problem?  If you are the guardian angel of your guardian angel, then you should break the cycle of violence and punishment you both are caught up in with each other.  You need to return hatred with love, turn the other cheek, and “guard” them in the way they expect you to.  Often the case, though, is that your guardian angel’s guardian angel is someone other than you.  You can’t do much to restore that relationship between him or her and someone else because you have little if any control over it.

A solution that is left for you is to break the chain to that guardian angel, mindful that you will need to choose a replacement.  The challenge is choosing someone’s love that you are going to depend on, trusting and hoping that that love will continue flowing uninterrupted for the rest of your life.  So you need to pick someone who is an expert in loving, in all the right ways, for all the right reasons, and will understand and appreciate the role you are choosing them for.  This is so daunting that it possibly seems an impractical, worthless solution.

There are, however, whole communities of people dedicated to at least trying to love in exactly this way.  Many are religious communities, but they don’t necessarily have to be.  But when we are stuck we need some sort of community dedicated to loving the right way, making available to you a wide range of members who directly or indirectly can provide you with the love you seek and need.  Don’t suffer alone, and don’t wait in vain for a change in your guardian angel that is unlikely to occur.  Reject the pain as inherent to your life and seek out in welcoming communities a new and more stable nurturer for your spirit.

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