Socialism in the American Military

Around the time of the 2008 presidential election between John McCain and Barrack Obama I was ordered by the Department of Defense to report to Fort Benning Georgia as part of my in-processing back into the military.  I had been on the "inactive ready reserve," or "IRR," a rather unpleasant status which meant that I … Continue reading Socialism in the American Military

Has Weapons Technology Diminished the American Soldier?

The vital importance of the American soldier in the past seemed much more self-evident than it does today.  From the Revolution to World War II, the United States soldier carried a reputation and esteem that went nearly unquestioned -- at least in the popular imagination of today.  Today, however, we need to force it a … Continue reading Has Weapons Technology Diminished the American Soldier?

Recovery Days in Iraq, 2003

When on deployment, the day-to-day routine can be roughly divided into mission days and recovery days.  You either have a formal mission handed down through the chain of command, or you have the day to maximize your mission readiness in anticipation of whatever the next mission is. I was part of an armored combat engineer … Continue reading Recovery Days in Iraq, 2003

A little bit of PTSD after Iraq

You never know what somebody else is going through.  Lots of veterans return home with some PTSD, but it is a hard thing to understand.  I had what I think was a little bit of PTSD in the immediate months after my first tour in Iraq.  Even with that, I have a hard time understanding … Continue reading A little bit of PTSD after Iraq